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I grew up in Berkley, Michigan, along with my sister and two brothers. We come from a competitive household where I spent most of my time playing soccer up until my freshman year of college when I attended the University of Detroit Mercy as a part of the Women’s Soccer Team. I then transferred to Michigan State University in my sophomore year to pursue a degree in Data Science. Currently, I love taking walks around the beautiful campus that MSU has to offer, as well as playing pickleball and hanging out with my dog, Suki!


I am currently an Undergraduate Student enrolled at Michigan State University, actively pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Data Science. With a primary focus centered on developing computational and analytical proficiencies, my specific areas of interest within the field include sports analytics, cognitive health analysis, and clinical data analysis for drawing substantive inferences pertaining to diverse medical conditions.

Committed to expanding upon personal growth and professional development, I aspire to leverage my expertise in analytics to contribute to the advancement of a high-achieving organization. My versatile experience across various environments, coupled with my diligent work ethic, desire to learn, collaborative success, and keen attention to detail, collectively accentuate my qualifications.

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